Sunday, 1 January 2017


2017 jos vain oppisi mahdollisimman nopeasti sen kirjoittamaan myös oikein. Uusi vuosi ja uudet tavoitteet. Mukavaa vuoden ensimmäistä päivää.

// Only if I would learn to write 2017 as soon as possible. New year and new goals. Hope your first day of the new year is brilliant.


♥ Start writing again

♥ Get my first job

♥ Make my own "recipe book"

♥ Sunday brunch

♥ Make a list of things to be happy about / that makes me happy


♥ Become a morning person

♥ Make my parents proud

♥ Have a list of my favorite quotes

♥ Graduate high school

♥ Watch a sunset


♥ Make healthier decisions

♥ Learn new ways to do my hair

♥ Make the most of everyday

♥ Have an unforgettable summer

♥ Get as tan as I can


♥ Visit a walk-through aquarium

♥ Follow my dreams

♥ Have a huge water balloon fight

♥ Learn how to play guitar

♥ Get a new laptop


♥ Have my 11:11 wish come true

♥ Road trip

♥ Have amazing "penkkari"

♥ Photograph more

♥ A lot of memories


Mitä tavoitteita teillä on tälle vuodelle?

// What are your goals for this year?

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